Radio Show

The Water's Edge Radio program will be coming to a completion at the end of October 2018!

Stay tuned for exciting information of what is coming soon!

Want to check us out a little bit more from the comfort of your own home? The Shepherd's Fellowship is now doing an hour radio program on Sunday mornings at 8:30am on WVXG 95.1FM (which covers seven counties including Marion, plays oldies and classic rock, and has great listenership). 

The appeal to us is to bring the Word to secular radio as an outreach in our communities.

While we were not seeking to do a radio show, things happened in such a way that we believe it’s undeniable that God is leading us to try this. We have a lot to work out as far as how all this is going to work out but we’re excited about this challenge and opportunity.

You can also listen and watch to our previous podcasts by going to our message page.

Special thanks to our current sponsors!

Hope Crossing Christian Book and Gifts - 740-375- HOPE
Belly Buster's Pizza in Waldo -740-726-2334

Radio Sponsorship Information

One challenge is having the finances to cover the cost of the show and this is the reason for this post. While more information will be coming out about the show, we want to open the doors to start talking to potential sponsors.

While some are already looking at donating to the show at various amounts, the following is a sponsorship program that individuals, families, and/or businesses can tap into.

Basic – $35 a month

You get your name mentioned (address and phone number if you are a business) on all the episodes that month and listed as a sponsor on the radio page.

Advance – $70 a month

You get a 30 sec spot on each of our shows that month to advertise your business and listed as a sponsor on the radio page!


Supreme – $140 a month

You get a 60 sec spot on each of our shows that month to advertise your business and listed as a sponsor on the radio page!


Open to one key sponsor at a time. Contact us to see if this spot is open or to be added to the wait list. Requires a minimum three month commitment.

You get ....

(3) 60 second spots per show (min. of 12 a month)
(80 - 100) 30 second spots throught the week (20 a week) on WVXG
All spots produced by the radio station staff